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The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”    Genesis 2:15

Work is a first class calling. We are special to God and He has a special calling for each one of us.

The work He has for us is important to Him – it’s valuable, it’s special, it’s significant.

God will teach us and guide us in our work and ultimately, we work for God not our earthly boss.(Isaiah 28:23-29)

All of the resources of heaven are available to us to fulfill God’s plan for our life. We need to appropriate these resources by faith for our calling to work.
Take a look at the story under Pages on the right, “Story of how God provided new premises for Care & Share”.

God is looking for those who will hear the call of God, rise up in faith , move in the power of the Holy Spirit and see His presence and power manifest in the marketplace.

The Lord will hold us responsible for all we do and do not do. The only strategy is to hear and to obey.
“When we listen HE the Lord speaks. When we obey HE the Lord acts.

Remember there will be work in the paradise of the future just as there was in the paradise past (Garden of Eden) because God himself takes joy in His work.