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transitionNow that I have passed on the company Care & Share Products to my boys, I know God’s call on my life is to train up marketplace Kingdom warriors.

I have extensive experience growing businesses. Many years in the health care industry managing large enterprises and then thirty years building a Kingdom business – Care & Share Products Pty Ltd. You can read about those experiences in my eBook on Amazon – Build a Kingdom Business.

If you want God’s best for your life and need help with a business start up or an existing business then contact me.

I also believe God will bring people for mentoring who have a passion for business, desire change and want God’s will for their life. Any mentee/client needs to commit to at least 24 sessions of nominally one hour, usually weekly or as mutually agreed. The mentoring will be conducted face to face or by Skype. To ensure the mentoring is relevant to the clients needs I will provide the client at an early stage with an overview of the mentoring and mutually agree with the client on the Key Objectives. This overview will address the Key Issues and outcomes, mentoring process, my role, client’s role and logistics. Evaluations based on adding value to the client by me through the mentoring are to be completed by the client during the mentoring programme.

I believe God wants me to be dependent upon HIM for my provision but the client needs to value my time and commitment so an hourly rate and payment plan will be established based upon the clients circumstances.  Expenses – travel, stationery etc will be charged to the client.

My eBook Build a Kingdom Business on AMAZON

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My new eBook Build a Kingdom Business – Empowered by the Holy Spirit has received favourable reviews from several of the Board Members of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) and Mentors & Business Coaches International so check it out on Amazon. They have a number of options: Kindle, laptops, Ipad and IPhone.

One hundred books were just printed for distribution to an ICCC Young Professionals Conference in London in June, 2014. I have about forty copies left which are available for sale at $8.00 each.

Review: What is a Kingdom business? The author has impressive experience growing significant businesses before he became a Christian at age 47 and then thirty years experience growing a Kingdom business. You will clearly apprehend the difference.

An interesting turbulent portion of Abbott Laboratories history is revealed with an added perspective, a Godly view of the events.
Ron’s partnering with God to build and transition Care & Share Products Pty Ltd over thirty years provides a series of miraculous stories that will enthrall the reader and hopefully inspire others to set out on the journey to build a Kingdom business. To get a flavour of where Ron is coming from visit his two websites and