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My new eBook Build a Kingdom Business – Empowered by the Holy Spirit has received favourable reviews from several of the Board Members of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) and Mentors & Business Coaches International so check it out on Amazon. They have a number of options: Kindle, laptops, Ipad and IPhone.

One hundred books were just printed for distribution to an ICCC Young Professionals Conference in London in June, 2014. I have about forty copies left which are available for sale at $8.00 each.

Review: What is a Kingdom business? The author has impressive experience growing significant businesses before he became a Christian at age 47 and then thirty years experience growing a Kingdom business. You will clearly apprehend the difference.

An interesting turbulent portion of Abbott Laboratories history is revealed with an added perspective, a Godly view of the events.
Ron’s partnering with God to build and transition Care & Share Products Pty Ltd over thirty years provides a series of miraculous stories that will enthrall the reader and hopefully inspire others to set out on the journey to build a Kingdom business. To get a flavour of where Ron is coming from visit his two websites and