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Be Prepared for Big USA Banks to Fail

This video reveals that the big USA banks exposure to derivatives is unsustainable The derivatives market or perhaps better named casino is huge $552.9 trillion dollars. This money is gambling on future market changes.  Their exposure to derivatives is on average 50 times their asset value. This is greed at its worst. This collapse is imminent and even Trump is saying you heard it from him first.

Australia banks exposure to the derivatives market (casino) has risen sharply and is as high as 5 times their asset value. This is nothing like the 50 times the big USA banks but is still of concern. Check out your own banks exposure.

Very few know that NAB, Westpac and the Reserve Bank of Australia all were recipients of reserve funds from the USA Reserve during the last financial crisis. This help will not be available in the upcoming massive crisis.


One of the organisations I wholeheartedly endorse is Business Greenhouse. This is the fourth video in the series by Wez Hone: it is on building systems in your business and getting out of debt . You need to watch all four. Be blessed.

Wez Hone has a gift and calling from God to help business people grow successful Kingdom businesses. What do I mean by a Kingdom business. It is one where the owner knows God, and whose business and working life is increasingly an outward manifestation of an inward walk of faith, motivated by God’s love. They are people who have been released from striving for success through their own strength. They are building their working life and business on the rock – Psalm 127:1 & Matthew 7:24-27.

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