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The KEY WORD in this presentation is POSITIONING.

  1. Am I positioned correctly, to be able to hear from God.
  2. Do I take the time to be still to hear from Him.
  3. Have I fixed my eyes on the vision He has given me.
  4. Did I write down (use a journal) the details (formulate a plan) which came from Him.
  5. Did I implement the plan.


Be Organised to be Productive – helpful tips

The first step to improve your productivity is optimize your office to get the most out of your work.

Put your I/Smart Phone Away

Smartphones have come along with their own set of problems – namely, that they’re designed to be incredibly distracting so you’ll pay as much attention to them as possible.

Set your phone to silent mode and keep it in your jacket, desk, or somewhere else that’s out of arm’s distance.

Establish a schedule to check it e.g. every two hours.

Minimize Distractions from the web.

Your web-surfing habits are probably also causing you to bleed a lot of otherwise productive time.

Get rid of your “bookmarks bar” entirely.

Try a site-blocking application like Anti-Social that will block your browser from accessing certain sites for a set length of time.

Partially Quit Facebook

Very few people can actually get completely off of Facebook – it’s the new Web within the Web, and so many events, conversations and other social interactions take place on the platform that if you disable your account, you’re just going to run into trouble.

That doesn’t mean that you need to see a picture of every meal every one of your old high school acquaintances posts, though.

If you’re getting a steady stream of new updates, you’re getting a steady stream of new distractions.

It’s possible to partially quit Facebook by designating all of your “friends” as “acquaintances.”

You’ll continue to get updates from people, but you’ll only see between two and five new posts a day, versus the hundreds that are now clogging your News Feed and notifications bar.

If you have hundreds of friends that are currently blowing up your phone with inane comments and pictures of their kids (and you’re able to break your addiction to these constant distractions) you could end up saving a lot of time.

Dont’ Waste the Time You’ve Got at Your Desk.

Maximize the use of your I/Smartphone. You can handle email and many other tasks while you are on the go.

Protect Your Most Productive Time

Everyone has a few “golden hours” in every day where they get the most work done. You need to learn when yours are, and go into “Airplane Mode” during those times.

Use that crucial time to tackle the biggest, most difficult problem standing between you and your goals.

All of your other busywork and less pressing (and vexing) tasks can be accomplished on either side of your “golden hours.”

Clean up your work space!

A cluttered room leads to a cluttered life and a cluttered mind

Purchase an inbox, a tickler file and other organizational tools to get a system going that will help you feel more focused and less stressed out.

When everything is in its right place, your mind will feel at ease, and you’ll be able to focus more on what’s important – thus getting a lot more done.

Get Your E-Mail Set Up For Success

We all waste too much time reading e-mails, and most of us get too many of them to ever achieve the elusive goal of “Inbox Zero.”

First of all, go through all of your regular e-mails and newsletters and look for “ham.” Ham (sometimes also called “bacon”) is different from spam in that it’s e-mail notifications you signed up for, but no longer really read. Be brutal about going through and getting rid of all but the ones you really need to read. One easy way to see all of your subscriptions? Type the word “unsubscribe” into your e-mail search bar and it will bring up all of your ham at once.

Next, if you’re a G-mail user, consider using the G-mail Labs feature called “Auto Advance.” Essentially, the minute you archive an e-mail, it will automatically show you the next e-mail. This helps you get to “Inbox Zero” and also prevents you from reading the same e-mail more than once.

Follow the Two-Minute Rule

From David Allen’s Getting Things Done, the general principle behind this is that any task that comes up during the day that will take less than two minutes should be handled right away.

Don’t wait, don’t file it, and don’t let it clutter up your to-do box or inbox.

Do it, then forget about it and move on to whatever you were doing beforehand.

Of course, if something comes up during your “golden hours,” you should definitely hold off on two-minute tasks until you’ve got important project work out of the way!

Give Yourself Deadlines

Set a deadline for yourself on a specific task can help put external pressure on you to keep your focus sharp.

Of course, you’re not always going to be able to meet your self-imposed deadlines, but if you are consistent in trying to adhere to them, they’ll soon become a valuable source of motivation for you.

Prayer Time & Go Home Early

As you want to build a Kingdom business empowered by the Holy Spirit, I assume you commit all of what you plan to do and do daily to the Holy Spirit. “Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thess 5:17. If you do, then this problem should not surface, but if you’re so far behind and you feel like there’s no possible way to catch up before you leave the office, go home early. Sounds counter-intuitive, but if you go home, spend time with family, get some good food, good rest and spend time in prayer, you’ll come in the next morning fired up and chomping at the bit.





                   NEED BOTH DIMENSIONS

   NATURAL                                                                                                       SPIRITUAL

BUSINESS CONCEPT                                                                               CALLING & VISION

PRODUCT                                                                                                      OBEDIENCE

SUCCESS                                                                                                        FRUIT

FREEDOM                                                                                                     STEWARDSHIP

Reputation & Position                                                                  Manifestation of the Kingdom