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I recently attended an ICCC Conference in Athens entitled Possessing The Land – It’s Time! We believe that it is a new season for ICCC when the Lord is calling us to possess the land. The manna (wilderness) season is over. It’s time to possess the land as did the Israelite’s but there are many battles ahead and one dimension of this for us is to identify the personal and collective Jericho’s of our time! We have to advance through Godly strategy and wisdom by His grace!

The ICCC International Board are convinced that our calling to business and the working life has great significance at this time in history. The Lord says to us through Ezekiel 12:28

“None of My words will be postponed any more, but the word which I speak will be done!”

  • To possess your promised land, you must begin to see yourself as God sees you.
  • To possess our promised land our thinking and believing must be, we are well able, for the Lord is with us.
  • To possess your promised land you must “tread upon it” but guided constantly by the Holy Spirit and meditating on God’s Word.
  • To possess the land , we must sanctify ourselves – it’s not about you; it’s ALL about Him
  • To possess the land we must hear from God and discover His strategy for crossing over, and for taking Jericho.
  • To possess the land we must fully obey the instructions of our Lord. When we listen, God speaks. When we obey, God acts! We must take a step of faith – driven by love!

If you want to receive strategy for how to possess your land can I suggest you consider joining ICCC. Check out the website or contact me on

Advanced Manufacturing Forum signals hope for the future in Southern Sydney, Australia

Two Southern Sydney Business organisations, Shire Biz and Southern Strength. put on a first for Southern Sydney

Advanced Manufacturing Forum”.

It was opened by the Hon Bob Baldwin Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Industry who outlined the Industry Competitiveness Agenda announced by the Prime Minister last Tuesday which identifies advanced manufacturing as as area where Australia can be highly competitive on the international stage.

“The development of a Sutherland Advanced Manufacturing Business Centre is a wonderful initiative; it shows an enormous sense of commitment that sits squarely on the page with our national agenda,” Mr Baldwin said.

” The local proposal to produce a range of robots and robotic components at a new centre, based at Lucas Heights, will enable new and established local businesses to strengthen their expertise in additive manufacturing , advanced material science, nanotechnology, nuclear science and information and communication technologies.

Lucas Heights is an ideal location, as it already hosts a nucleus of science and technology providers including ANSTO and CSIRO. The University of Wollongongs, Australian Centre for Electro -materials Sciences is also not too far away

Further information on the government’s new Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda can be found at /Pages/Industry-Growth-Centres.aspx#header

The line up of speakers at the Forum was impressive:

Professor Gordon Wallace of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (Intelligent Polymer Research Institute) in Woollongong. It also specializes in nanotechnology research.

He spoke on Materials Science Development which included:

3D Printing of metal electrodes and High Resolution Metal Prototyping.

Nanostructured Electromaterials for water splitting – catalyst accelerates hydrogen from water eight fold and solar cell generates oxygen from water upon illumination with sunlight.

Their engagement with Clinicians on product development was impressive – Prof. Graeme Clark on an Advanced Cochlea Implant Electrode, with Prof. Peter Choong on Nerve/Muscle/Bone/Cartilage Regeneration and Prof. Mark Cook on Epilepsy Detection and control.

Build the Printers to Build the Structures including Structural (Bio Functional) Components such as 3D Printed Chitosan to provide an infrapatellar fat pad for knee surgery. An inkjet printer that can print cells even adipose stem cells and 3D Bioprinting of parts for bodies.

It showed this facility has immense capabilities with materials processing and device fabrication with multiple materials.

Dr Paul Di Petro MD of the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering.

ANSTO employs more than 1100 staff : 250 with PhDs.

It is encouraged to work with industry on projects which can employ its expertise e.g as part of the Defence Materials Technology Centre to improve existing metallic armour, development of new armour materials and design of future armour platforms.

Two of the speakers were from companies in the Southern region that are using advanced technologies to grow their businesses.

Kevin Cullen MD Breseight Engineering is using four 3D Printers to make products for a wide range of uses but notably surgery particularly maxillofacial reconstruction and also for Dynamic learning at all levels.

Steve Britton MD Britton Maritime Systems spoke on the importance of connecting with the right partners (worldwide) in order to obtain the expertise you need. It is vital you also have expertise to contribute to the partnership. Steve has a niche market “Excellence in Military and Para Military Craft”. For such a market low cost is ordinarily not an issue.

Anthony Harrington Business Development NDC Automation spoke on Robotics and its growing importance particularly in storage and movement of goods.

Kiva Systems recently installed by Amazon reveals the future of warehousing. Rather than humans fetching, robots bring selected items as per customer order. All fork lifts are robotic. The warehouse operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At night the warehouse functions in the dark, no lights are needed for robots to work. They operate by magnetic dots on the floor.

As expected the use of robots has reduced costs substantially – greater accuracy, increased productivity, no human injuries, less product damage. Articulated robots now can perform many more functions; sense, act and yes even think.

Sam Bucolo Prof. Design & Innovation UTS: Design Innovation Research Centre. Sam’s message was basically your organisation needs to be a design led organisation.

A combination of activities which focus on building design as a leadership capability, broader workforce skill development in using design thinking and innovation programs focusing on business model and customer experience to complement technology research will be required.


“Have a vision for growth in your business based around  deep customer insights.”

Expand this vision with your customers and stakeholders.

Map these insights to all aspects of your business. Applied through a deductive thinking mindset.


  • How traditional manufacturers have progressed to more advanced manufacturing technologies
  • How you can join in this journey at minimal capital costs.
  • How you can participate in the supply chain for the rapidly growing robotics industry.
  • What to look for in harnessing international IP for your business.
  • How to develop business plans and sustainable competitive advantage in the new environment.
  • What is on the scientific horizon of material and nuclear sciences for manufacturers.




Kingdom Business Seminar in Orange N.S.W.

The Build a Kingdom Business Seminar in Orange on September 27th was well attended. A total of 35 business people attended the Seminar and expressed their thanks in a number of ways including the purchase of my book of the same name “Build a Kingdom Business – Empowered by the Holy Spirit”.
Learning how to listen to God is of course the KEY to building a Kingdom business and I gave many examples of how God had provided for and protected my company Care & Share Products over thirty years.
I was encouraged and inspired by the result and now intend conducting a Webinar in the not too distant future so I can disseminate this information further.
I suggest you become a Follower of my website if you don’t want to miss the Webinar on Build a Kingdom Business. Just click on the Follower link and provide your email address. 

Improve productivity by hiring people with disabilities

Retired Walgreens Senior Vice President Randy Lewis and his son, Austin. Lewis is the author of the new book, “No Greatness without Goodness: How a Father’s Love Changed a Company and Sparked a Movement.

The book isn’t only exceptional reading for business leaders who want their companies to become more efficient and profitable, but it also provides nuggets of wisdom and real life lessons for people who have the desire to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with those around them: friends, neighbours and co-workers.

During a speech in front of 5,000 Walgreen’s store managers at a conference in Las Vegas, he shared that “nearly 70 percent of individuals with disabilities and 95 percent of people with severe cognitive disabilities, like his son Austin, would never hold down a job.” This is not because people with disabilities cannot do the work, it’s because many employers fail to realize that hiring people with disabilities will actually increase the overall performance among all of their employees.

In the book, Lewis details how, with the inspiration from Austin, and the encouragement of his wife and strong support from the team at Walgreens, the company’s distribution centres not only met their first hiring goal of having 10 percent of its workforce being people with disabilities by 2011 — with some centres having 40 to 50 percent of their employees being those with disabilities — but they also witnessed increased productivity at the distribution centres that had hired people with disabilities.

Lewis also highlights in his book that there any many types of disabilities, especially in regard to employment, but what people need to keep in mind, be it at work or in public, is that people are people, regardless of whether their disability is visible to the world or not. “When hiring people with disabilities people ask me: what kind of disabilities can you hire? Or what kind of disabilities can you not employ? That’s always a common question.” Lewis said that what he and others discovered is that every disability is a spectrum. “We haven’t found a disability we can’t employ; we just can’t employ everybody on the entire spectrum. Just like with people ‘without disabilities,’ we can’t employ everybody on the spectrum of the typically able,” he noted. “I think the biggest thing that people overlook is that they’re people. They see their disability, they’re afraid about making a mistake; they’re afraid about using the right words. They feel uncomfortable and they fail to see the person,” he shared. “By the way, if you make a mistake with the right intent, with love, it doesn’t matter, people see that. They see the intent.” “Leaders need to love. If they don’t love, then they’ll never gain the trust. Here’s the deal: worthiness. Worthiness — that’s what Austin taught me; that everyone is worthy,” Lewis emphasized

Lewis reminds us not to forget this important truth.  “Work is what sustains us and love fulfills us“.

“So if the book helps to remind somebody that, oh by the way, I’m infinitely important in this universe. And, by the way, so is everybody else. Then my job is done,” Lewis said.

“Use every opportunity to help others see meaning in their work. They will be transformed from brick layers to cathedral builders”.

“An important lesson for employers is TLC, T is for teach, L is for love and C is for challenge. If you only remember one of the three, remember love.” said Lewis. He also adamantly believes that there’s a longing inside people to make a difference in the world, because everyone has value. We are worthy, that’s the good news of faith. I’m part of something bigger and I’m loved and I’m worthy,” he explained. “I’m one person and everybody’s an infinitely important and worthy person too.” Recognizing that people have intrinsic value to God and his Christian faith are two things that Lewis is not afraid to share, because it has provided strength for his family, and enabled him to impact the world by helping employers see that people with disabilities, once given the opportunity, can become valuable employees. “God has gotten a lot bigger as I’ve gotten older. Fear has kept me quiet in the past when I should have spoken up. It has kept me still when I should I should have acted. “There were times when I was afraid, and that’s when faith came in, and knowing that I was not alone,” he said. “Throughout this process, I was not alone.” Lewis noted that some people believe that what’s been achieved at Walgreens was a monumental and difficult task, but he said that not taking action, when he could have, bothered him much more than any potential failure.. Lewis also highlights in his book that there any many types of disabilities, especially in regard to employment, but what people need to keep in mind, be it at work or in public, is that people are people, regardless of whether their disability is visible to the world or not.

BUSINESS PRINCIPLES based on the life of JESUS

CPi Terms of sale p2053


JESUS purpose was crystal clear – to save humanity from eternal damnation.

The purpose for your business also needs to be crystal clear. Successful Holy Spirit led entrepreneurs know why they are in business. In fact they started the business to fulfill God’s call on their lives. The product/service  must have a competitive advantage which gives you a story to tell.


What is your good news story. You need to have a compelling message which is the foundation of your brand and marketing efforts.

Jesus had ALL of mankind as His target market however His strategy was to start with twelve and then go out to reach His market – the lost.

All of mankind is not the target market for most businesses. You need to know your target market. The customers that can benefit from your product or service. Positioning is about identifying your target market and then going to them with your message.

Jesus knew He needed His disciples to carry on after He left this earth but when He left, the Father sent the Holy Spirit to empower them to do the job Jesus enlisted them to do.

Likewise you need to gather a team of Holy Spirit filled people who share your vision. Great businesses are the result of a group of individuals with different talents/skills who are working together with the same vision and purpose in view. What you build should outlive you.

JESUS validated His message with signs and wonders. He proved All mankind needed what He had to offer – Eternal Life.

Likewise Holy Spirit led entrepreneurs will make things happen. Remember Jesus said “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes on Me, the works that I do he shall do also, and greater works than these he shall do, because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in my name, that I will do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14: 12-13. Jesus will provide for the business He inspired in amazing ways.

My book “Build a Kingdom Business” provides evidence of a number of amazing miracles in the life of the Kingdom business I managed for thirty years.

JESUS business was saving lives so profitability for JESUS could be measured in the number of lives saved. Now we know that ALL predestined by GOD will be saved so in that sense He will be 100% successful but sadly not ALL will be saved.

As a Holy Spirit empowered entrepreneur , part of building a business that matters is being profitable and inevitably the more your business matters the more profitable it will become. Businesses that matter generate profit in kind and cash. Profit in kind is the good the product/service you offer makes in peoples lives. Profit in cash is generated from the sale of the product/service to those people. The origin of the profit in both cases is value. It’s the good in your product/service that attracts people to pay you money in exchange for it

What will you be remembered for?

Need I say it, JESUS legacy lives on. He needed to give His life for His purpose.
What will be the legacy of your business. Will it achieve God’s purpose for it?

Ensure GOD is in control of your business

Benham Brothers testify how God helped them to start a Real Estate company after they got fired.
In a recent post on their website the brothers revealed that their company, Benham Real Estate, was born out of a painful firing more than a decade ago, which left them without jobs. They then reminded Christians through Scripture that
God’s plan is usually far greater that man’s plan.

Benham Real Estate is now a full service real estate company that specializes in selling bank owned properties. The real estate division, Benham REO Group, has about 100 offices in 35 states across the United States, according to the brothers’ Facebook page
“When the tables have turned in life, we need to realize that God owns the tables. He always has a plan and it’s far greater than any plan we could ever come up with. It may be hard and painful to understand at the time, but God’s ways are always best,” began the brothers in the post. The twins then highlighted the adversity that resulted in their successful real estate company.

“Twelve years ago, before my brother and I started our real estate group, we worked for a large company that went through a horrific split. The split found us on the wrong side of the fence, so we got fired. Although we were heartbroken and had no other jobs lined up, God used that to force us to start our own company,” noted the post. “For two years we scratched and clawed to make enough money to feed our budding families, all-the-while building our little real estate company. Well, the rest is pretty much history, as God has blessed our little venture supernaturally, even to a point where HGTV offered to do a show based upon our real estate expertise,” they added.

Now that they have lost that initial HGTV offer, the brothers believe that the adversity they went through before prepared them for the fallout with HGTV. “God had already prepared us long ago for a situation just like this. All we need to do is remember that he owns the tables, and when they turn He is up to something good! “When the tables turn in your situation, don’t try to flip them back to where they were, just let it play itself out. Recognize that God Himself is the One who owns the tables. He’s got you right where He wants you!” ended the post.

The Benham Brothers, whose planned reality show was cancelled because of their conservative views on homosexuality, were dropped by SunTrust Bank this week. The brothers believe it is part of a move to silence Christian views in the marketplace.
“If our faith costs us our HGTV show and our business, then so be it,” Jason said.

David Benham said they were “caught off-guard” when SunTrust pulled all of its listed properties with the Benham brothers and several franchisees across the U.S.  “This came without warning or explanation from SunTrust and took place over a 15 minute period on May 15, 2014,” the brothers noted. SunTrust corporate spokesman Mike McCoy did not specify whether the brothers’ conservative views were behind the decision.

Earlier in May, the brothers’ planned HGTV show “Flip It Forward,” which was going to be about the brothers flipping houses for profit and helping other families do the same, was cancelled. HGTV’s decision came after website Right Wing Watch published a post labeling David as an “anti-gay, anti-choice extremist” for leading a 2012 prayer rally outside of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the rally, he called homosexuality a sin.

The show’s cancellation sparked debate online, with David Benham arguing that “there’s an agenda that’s out in America right now that demands silence, especially from men and women who profess Jesus Christ and hold to His standards.”
After the surprising move by SunTrust this week, the brothers are even more convinced that Christians are being marginalized. “Keeping us off television wasn’t enough, now this agenda to silence wants us out of the marketplace,” said David Benham. Conservative Christian group Faith Driven Consumer, which has been campaigning in support of the Benham brothers, believes SunTrust is punishing them simply because of their Christian beliefs.

Live eternal now – OBEDIENCE = SUCCESS and certain reward in heaven.